Shopping for your kids in 2021!

Who would have thought back in 2019 that we might be uncomfortable taking our kids shopping for clothes! We wouldn't have thought twice about taking our children to the mall two short years ago. Now, however, a lot has changed, namely the pandemic! As we embrace living in "the new normal", our shopping habits have changed. Many parents now prefer to shop alone for their kids' necessities. With that in mind, we decided to reach out to some of our loyal customers and speak with them about how they choose to shop for their kids. Using these insights, along with our retail experience, we've come up with some helpful tips!

How to shop for your kids - without your kids!  

"Measure Twice, Cut Once"

A great quote highlighting the importance of knowing your child's size. The best way to know this? ...a tape measure! Like a pro seamstress, you'll need to measure the neck and bust, the waist and hips, front waist-length, back waist-length, shoulders and inside leg length. Make sure you jot them down, so you don't forget! 

There are occasionally some sizing indicators in inside hems, tags and/or labels. Still, it's best not to rely on their accuracy, which is why we advise to measure, measure, measure. You can also use a current item of your kid's clothing which any good retail store should be able to utilise to measure and compare. 

Collaborate with your Children

Children have their own sense fashion and character; they know what they like to wear and what they don't. You want your kids to be happy and confident wearing the outfit you bought them - the best way to do this? ...collaboration!  

Check websites with them to look at new collections of yours and their favourite brands. If you're on a budget, check promotions and sales or filter by price so you can set expectations with your little one. 

Many kids nowadays have favourite influencers who influence their sense of fashion, so check OOTD (outfit of the day) of their favourites to see what looks they like. This is also an excellent opportunity to bond and learn with your child.

Lastly, listen to their preferences as it will help trim down options and make shopping so much easier for you. 

Ask for Help or Assistance

When you're in-store and unsure of something, take advantage of the sales advisers and ask for assistance. They know the brand and products inside out and have excellent knowledge of matching items and styles.

You can also ask them to help take photos and videos. And if you're unsure about what your kids might like, video-call them from the store - most malls in UAE have free wi-fi making it super easy to stay connected.

You can also call ahead of time and enquire with any questions, so you don't make a wasted trip to the mall.

Return and Exchange Policy

There are different policies regarding returns and exchanges, depending on the retail outlet and items that you've bought. So always make sure you understand this clearly before you purchase. Here in UAE, refund and exchange policies are generally displayed in the counter area; however, if they're not, a sales adviser will be able to help you.

You'll also usually find the return and exchange policy written on your invoice or receipt.

If you encounter any issues with a purchase that can't be resolved with the store, you can also ask for help from the Consumer Rights Department. In Dubai the hotline is +971 600 545 555 and their website

Stay at Home - Shop Online

Online shopping is more significant than ever here in the UAE, and most prominent brands and the majority of smaller ones, have online stores. Many of the larger ones, such as Amazon, Noon, Namshi and Mumzworld, carry a wide range of kid's clothing brands, ours included! A lot even offer free delivery within the UAE and some fantastic promotions.

Make sure you carefully read the product's description, check measurement information and review the return & exchange policy before you purchase. You may also want to e-mail or chat (most websites have live chat, messenger or WhatsApp available) if you have any enquiries. 

As it currently stands, the anecdotal preference seems to be pointing toward online shopping for ease, safety and convenience, and cost and time-saving benefits. 

Hope we've helped provide a little insight into shopping for your little one in today's pandemic world. And no matter, whether in-store or online, we look forward to providing you with exceptional service and styling your kids in the UAE's most unique, fun and trendy fashion brand.

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